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About the Institute of Communication Studies


Established in 1991, the Institute of Communication Studies (ICS) is the first academic institute of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University ( NYCU; formerly: National Chiao Tung University). ICS was originally named the Institute of Communication Technology and soon relabeled in 1994 to reflect the human-centered approach of the modern field of Communication and its interdisciplinary nature. Currently, the institute encompasses two specialty areas: “New Media and Marketing Communication” and “New Media and User Experience.” Students enter ICS through regular admissions and recommended-selection admissions.


ICS has the research of new communication technologies at its core. We focus on the integration of humanities, social sciences, human-computer interaction, and management science to cultivate new media communication expertise from both a scientific and humanistic perspective. We value the application of theories in class while enhancing the interplay between theories and practices. Furthermore, we emphasize not only students’ proficiency in logical thinking but also their ability to identify problems and generate solutions. Students are also highly encouraged to participate in research paper competitions at national and international academic conferences to strengthen the effects of learning and boost the institute’s reputation.


[ New Media and Marketing Communication ] This specialty area aims at equipping students with the creativity and skills required in the digital era through courses focusing on media effects, organizational management, narrative persuasion, and public relations campaigns.

[ New Media and User Experience ] Drawing on user experience and psychology, this specialty area offers courses that concentrate on interactive design, cognitive science, and technological arts. Students will develop proficiency in digital production and human-computer interaction research.


The curriculum of ICS highly emphasizes on the research and applications of new and emerging media to reflect the great impacts of technological advancement on the field of Communication. The graduates of ICS are thus equipped with skills that enable them to grasp the complex relations between technology, communication, and society. Aligned with the major foci of NYCU, in addition, the institute concentrates on shaping students with insights into human nature, user experience, and societal dynamics to cultivate professionals who are both innovative and humanistically literate.